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A question on exercise from a patient

A patient posed this question to me today: Better to go to the chiro after a workout or before?

My answer was this: I would suggest before…….why?

Because joints that are locked are also called inhibited. This joint inhibition also affects muscles by making them weaker and usually tighter (think about it, if you’re tight/contracting muscles you’ll sooner or later experience muscle fatigue. Therefore, weaker muscles are the result of constantly tight muscles.)

So, if you get adjusted beforehand, then the muscles will be stronger, work more efficiently, and actually strengthen more properly.

Of course, then you’ll have muscles that are fatigued from exercise, cause reflexive joint inhibition, and the aforementioned process starts all over again. So you’ll need an adjustment again. That being said, you’ll get yourself to a point where you’ll actually be able to exercise without the need of an adjustment so frequently. Which is where most of us Chiropractors are at and some of our patients.

Many of the elite athletes have gotten to that understanding. They have really come to know their bodies well. They are so in tune with the feedback mechanisms that it’s amazing.

Thank you for reading,

Dr. Steven Lehmann