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Sacro-iliac pain and Chiropractic

I took the following from a chiropractic message board. It is copied and pasted. From one of my colleagues:

Yesterday a male patient in my office mad as a hornet. About 6 months ago, I
told him he had a SI subluxation. Needed Chiro care, no he went to the “EXPERT”
Ortho surgeon. 6 weeks of PT, hip replacement and guess what? Still has sharp
pain at the PSIS!Surgeon says nothing else to do, he needs counseling on how to
live with chronic pain. He also has a script for 2 vicodin pills/24hrs.

I love the scientific approach. (High profit) Beats a dumb non scientific
Chiropractor. (Very little profit in Chiropractic).

Evon Barvinchack, D.C.

Thanks Dr. Barvinchack for this post. I didn’t ask to repost it, but I’m sure you won’t mind.

Steven D. Lehmann D.C.